28. November 2018

Playground in Schwadorf

There is a new attraction in Dr.’s Garten park: since August, the children of Schwadorf can climb on Austria’s most modern playground equipment. Many families and other interested guests attended the official opening celebration on September 1st 2018 to admire the new playground in Dr.’s Garten – and to try it out right away. Mayor Jürgen Maschl was in attendance as well, commenting to the Schwadorf Journal newspaper: “We have a total of five public playgrounds in Schwadorf and try our best to provide equipment for children of all age groups. We particularly focus on finding a good balance in the equipment we offer. Right now, we are very proud to have one of the most state-of-the-art pieces on one of our playgrounds.”

Until recently, the playground boasted a pirate ship children could explore and play on. This equipment however had suffered severe wear and tear as well as weathering. Immense repair costs and efforts would have been necessary to ensure compliance with all technical and safety-related requirements. Redesigning and re-equipping the playground was the more economical alternative. Out of multiple design options, the offer by Berliner Seilfabrik , proved the most convincing and was eventually chosen. All necessary work, from planning to installation, was completed within a few weeks.

The definite highlight of the new playground is “Neptun”. This piece of equipment, is almost six meters high and contains a three-dimensional climbing net. These rope play structures provide plenty of climbing space for many children at a time, simultaneously challenging and training the children’s spatial perception and their psychomotor skills. In addition, weatherproof materials such as steel, aluminium and steel cables coated with polyester yarn ensure maximum durability of the play equipment. This benefits the environment and helps save resources and follow-up costs.

Besides the rope play equipment, the playground offers four additional playpoints from the Urban Design series that encourage various types of movement. A balancing trail called “Orbit” helps improve children’s sense of balance, while “Windrider” provides a waterless surfing experience. Another playpoint called “Hula-Loop” requires subtle hip movements to get a ball rolling; “Eddie”, on the other hand, offers plenty of spinning fun.